I have many things I enjoy, food and wine are two of them.  Here you'll find the hot sauces and such which make eating so enjoyable!  Follow the links below and check out what I've found.

Before we get to the good stuff.. a little thing for you to remember.  Hot sauce is not brain surgery.  Great hot sauce is a bit of soul and a lot of pride.  I've made my own in the past which was well received.  I hope to get to it again soon!


Onto the goods!

I'll make this simple... three categories for you!

            Hot Sauces - Nothing but the best sauces to make any dish sing with joy and your taste buds dance.  Again, I believe in hot AND tasty!  You won't see me offering up just any old vinegar based sauce (Like Tabasco and Red Hot).


            Other Sauces (Grilling, Dipping, and Marinades) - Just about anything else - milder sauces and the like.

            Rubs & Seasonings - These help season meats (and quite possibly anything else) prior to BBQ and basting.