History and the Good Stuff!


I have traveled to many places in North America over the years and I've found precious few good sources.  That being said, you may never know where to find them.

I have another passion... it's wine... but that's another website to come.

If you have found anything or wish to share, please let me know and I'll pass the info on here as best I can.

My enjoyment in becoming a chili-head stems from my friendship with Ahewaz (Paul) Pardhan.  It's all his fault!

On to other things about me and my life...


My Home Turf

I current live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It's a hotbed of economy right now and has a lot to offer the traveler!  Come visit us soon.


Places I've been

    Austin, Texas, United States - Home of Tears of Joy Sauces (Go to 6th Street Downtown near the Boiling Pot Restaurant - in fact, go to the Boiling Pot too!).  Brian there has been a great source of hot sauces and the like.  A lot of what I like has come from there and I visit whenever I can.

    San Antonio, Texas, United States - A wonderful source of history and true Mexican food.  You have to want to eat real Mexican food to truly enjoy savoury hot food.

    Houston, Texas, United States - The home of one of my friends whom I never get the see despite my going there (it's an inside joke) - I visited the Johnson Space Center (NASA) and man I recommend that to anyone interested in a little bit of history and a lot of big rockets!  Great place to take the kids.

    Padre Island, Texas, United States - Can I say this place rocks if you love beaches.  The wife and I went there and really enjoyed it.  We've even considered getting a place there to get away.  Wonderfully hot weather with nice winds to make it tolerable.

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada - A melting pot of many cultures, all of which have a lot to offer!  I found some good jerk sauce there.  Downtown is a hotbed of many sights and sounds.  Be sure to visit all the attractions:  Granville Island; Downtown districts of Yaletown, Gastown, and the like.

    The rest of Canada - I've been to a lot of provinces and hope to go out East again to visit.  Ottawa is nice!

    Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States - Another melting pot of people - another great source of Mexican. 

    Hawaii, United States - While not a particular source of hot stuff - they do have a little here and there.  A wonderful place to be!  I have had the please to have gone to Maui and Oahu.  Maui is the most peaceful place I've visited so far.  I will be revisiting Oahu and the big island Hawaii itself soon!