Hot Sauces

These are my current favourites!

#1 on my list is a Texas fav - Duckbutter Pepper Sauce

Friends and family rave about not only it's hot and spiciness, but also it's wonderful flavour from the moment it touches your lips to the time all the food is gone.  This sauce is great on everything from wings to steaks to pizza!

#2 on my list an absolute blazer - Marie Sharp's Belizan Heat

This baby is packed with taste AND enough heat to kick you two days from Sunday.  Sprinkle this lightly on or in whatever you fancy.

#3 on my list is one I that is made by one of my favourite shops down in Austin, Texas - Tears of Joy Austin in August

This one has a little kick to it and a lot of taste.  If you haven't figured out by now my mantra is "Make it hot, but make it tasty!"

#4 onto the next one - Walker's Jamaican Scotch Bonnet

Probably one of the few scotch bonnet sauces I truly enjoy.  This baby will melt your mouth, get your endorphins going and make your head spin if you are new to being a chili-head!

#5 speaking of endorphins - this one I picked up in Tears of Joy on a lark - Endorphin Encounters of the Third Kind

This one is saucy yet picante!  It has a unique set of flavours that is hard to describe but worth trying.

#6 is one that deserves special mention - Lottie's Hot Pepper Sauce

This is one of Lottie's' products - you'll notice it's yellow and that's because it's a hot mustard sauce!  It goes great on lots of things - ham, pork, hamburgers, sandwiches, or practically anything you have that takes mustard.  Feed your inner chili-head!