Other Sauces


    Grilling Sauces

      This grilling paste is exceptional.  Combine this with a rub on your ribs or steaks and you will be in heaven!


    Dipping Sauces

      A Tears of Joy specialty - Habanero Lime dipping sauce.  This is a ketchup-type sauce with a more runny consistency than ketchup.


      Yet another TOJ specialty - Cracked Black Pepper Dipping Sauce - They have many different types of sauces!  This dipping sauce is quite tasty.




      Austin Spice Company "Tangy Tomato Steak & Fajita Marinade" -  It's awesome!  It's a mouthful!  I love to marinade beef, ribs, and other steaks in this to make for a succulent and moist cut of meat!

      Austin Slow Burn - This jerk marinade is very fresh, coming from Austin it better be!


      South China Seas Jamaican Jerk - This one is found in Vancouver.  It has a great kick!  Marinade your chicken in this and be in heaven.


      A brother of the South China Seas Jerk - this can be used like a BBQ sauce for basting, as a dipping sauce, or whatever your heart desires!