Rubs and Seasonings


      Dave's Gourmet Seasonings - This is an example of six seasonings in a jar (there are others such as regular grilling blends).  It's got lots of chili's and other blends of popular hot mixes.  You cannot go wrong and you can always go right with these!  I like to put these in with a little oil and fresh minced garlic to make steaks or fajita meat (steak/chicken) sing!


      Tears of Joy Armadillo Rub - Oh my God!  This kicks flavour into every bite!  Get it.


      Williams & Sonoma Grilling Rub - This rub is absolutely smashing for preparing ribs for the BBQ.  Rub up your defrosted ribs and throw them in the fridge overnight.  Marinate (or not) for one or two hours before throwing them on the BBQ!